• Repair or Resurface your Hardwood Floors.

    The flooring formula can increase the return on your investment by repairing or resurfacing your TriCities, WA hardwood floors


    You invested in hardwood flooring! Congratulations you made the best flooring choice when it comes to Return on Investment (ROI). If and when you sell your home or office in the TriCity area having hardwood floors can do more than add aesthetic and attractiveness, it will add dollars and cents to your bottom line! When homeowners in Kennewick, Pasco, or Richland want to keep their hardwood floors fresh and functional they call the Flooring Formula for hardwood restoration.

    We can handle small jobs, such as scratches, dents, and minor holes/craks are available.


    At the Flooring Formula we can keep your floors looking top notch by surfaces buffing and re-treatments as well, but if you're looking to bring an older hardwood floor back to all of its former glory call (509) 316-2334 today and we will talk about our hardwood flooring specialty when it comes to repair.


    Our local flooring experts can  entirely refresh your hardwoods.  Sanding and resurfacing will bring your hardwood to its original glory and can be done for less than half of the cost of replacement.