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    Types of Carpet


    Textured carpeting (sometimes called plush) is what most people think about when they think of basic carpet installation. The strands are packed tight and cut at the same level providing the classic carpeting comfort and uniform look that textured carpeting has provided kennewick, Richland, and Pasco homeowners for decades.



    Berber carpeting tends to cost more due to it's density and stain resistant qualities. Berber carpeting is often called loop carpeting in that the surface fibers haven't been cut leaving the exposed edges with can wick up stains and fray with time. Rather, the fibers in Berber style carpeting are "looped" with the bend in the loop creating the top surface of your carpeting which adds durability. 



    Patterned carpeting is often a mixture of high cut height and lower cut height. Alternatively patterns can be created by mixing cut fibers along with looped fibers. By combining various plush cuts with berber construction carpet suppliers can creatively  form raised or lowered  patterns within the carpet roll providing home or business owners in the Columbia Basin with carpeting that makes a fashion statement and hides wear and tear as  protects.




    Carpet squares  (or tiles) install differently than traditional carpeting and come with their own benefits. Usually carpet squares are glued down and patterned together like tile. The advantage to Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco residents that choose to go with a carpet square installation is largely seen in maintenance and upkeep. When a person spills red wine on your carpeting and the stain just won't come out--replacing a single carpet square is far less labor intensive, and time consuming which means easier and cheaper repairs. High traffic areas can be replaced without changing the entire room. In many cases carpet squares can be installed with "pressure release" glue. When installed by the experts at the Flooring Formula with pressure release glue repairing a carpet square can be as easy as peeling up a post-it note and replacing it with a new one. 

    Things to Consider with Carpeting



    Carpeting cost vary greatly depending on quality, treatment and padding. You can expect to pay between $1-$4 per square foot which makes carpeting an affordable option for many. Just be aware that this estimate doesn't include any stain treatments or the cost of padding which can vary based on quality and durability as well. When you have questions about carpeting styles, quality, or install your answers are a phone call away. When you call the Flooring Formula today we will get the right contractors, estimators, and installers to your TriCity region home or business to answer any questions you may have and to install your new carpeting the right way.